About Us

DJH Bonsai, LLC, founded in 2013, began as a collaboration between Dave Hodgetts and his teacher and mentor, Pauline F. Muth. (The name, DJH Bonsai is an homage to Pauline, whose business was called PFM Bonsai.) For over 40 years Pauline taught and exhibited trees at numerous regional, national and international shows and continued to be a source of inspiration and encouragement until her death in 2022. She is sorely missed.

A medical professional, Dave has practiced bonsai since 2007, initially studying with Pauline and subsequently completing training programs with renowned bonsai artists Michelle Andolfo, David Knittle, Ted Matson and Martin Schmalenberg. At Pauline's behest, Dave also worked with many other bonsai professionals from the U.S. and abroad, as on-stage help at the annual Midatlantic Bonsai Societies meetings. In addition, Dave successfully competed in, and subsequently coordinated, the ABS-Joshua Roth New Talent Contest for several years, spent 6 years as an ABS Board member and has taught at several ABS Learning Seminars. In 2017 he attended the 8th World Bonsai Convention, in Tokyo, and visited numerous bonsai gardens/nurseries in both Japan and South Korea. In 2019 he attended the Belgian National Exhibition.

Dave continues his ongoing education with Bjorn Bjorholm at Eisei-en in Tennessee.