Bonsai Instruction

Although a tremendous amount of information is accessible via the internet, there is no substitute for hands-on training with a committed and knowledgeable instructor. We are pleased to offer individual or group classes for those interested in learning the basics or improving their knowledge and skills.


Beginner Class

Open to individuals or groups, this class is based on the American Bonsai Society’s Beginner Syllabus. It is typically comprised of three sessions, with each student creating a small bonsai from nursery stock during the final session. Class is typically held from 9:00 to 12:00 on consecutive Saturday mornings, although other days and times can be arranged as needed. The cost is $250.00 plus materials, with trees starting at around $35. Students are welcome to use the studio’s tools.


Intermediate Class

This class requires a minimum of three participants and is scheduled when that number of interested individuals is reached. Based on the American Bonsai Society’s Intermediate Syllabus, this program builds on the basic knowledge and skills learned in the Beginner Class or acquired in other ways. It concentrates on design, including in-depth study of the multiple styles utilized in bonsai, advanced techniques and tree species-specific information. The program is presented in two ten-week sessions, each morning typically involving 2 lectures, separated by a break, or one lecture and one practical lesson. In the afternoon students are encouraged to work on improving the design of trees in their collection and/or start new projects, utilizing the knowledge presented. The cost is $350 per 10-week session, plus materials.


Advanced Study

Further study, utilizing the cutting-edge knowledge Dave brings home from Eisei-en, can be arranged for interested students. Please contact us to discuss.


One on One Sessions (Any proficiency level)

Come spend a half day or longer to work on your design, wiring, repotting or grafting skills (or any other topic). Please contact us to discuss.